Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Staying Steady

We need to get Cleo steady. As I have stated before she is 95% steady. She'll stand there all day and let you toss birds in front of her face. She has so much desire she will actually whine in frustration but she will stay. God forbid that 5% of the time the bird flushes in her face she's all over it.

Everyday or every other day we are putting some quail out to whoa her on. After dinner tonight we did just that. She stayed steady the entire time until the bird flushed right up in her face and she broke. So we put her back and kept at it.

I'd like to point out the white sash on her head. It's clearly the mark of the devil. 

I believe at this point its just going to take practice. She's unbelievably smart but she also has so much desire. We need to keep at it. We are also at this point going to invest in some stakes and start working her through them on heel and practicing firing shots around her near a blind ect. It's time to start kicking it in high gear for the NAVHDA UT test this fall. It's the end of September (the weekend of my 30th birthday actually) and its coming up quick!!

The above picture is Cleo's, "Daddy I did good can I please have the quail" look. Plllleeeeaaaasssse!!!

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