Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dog Friends Galore!

Cleo was finally allowed to go back to daycare today! Yay! It's been 5 long weeks since she has gotten to go because she has been in heat. She knew where she was going this morning as soon as we pulled in and she basically dragged Jim up to the front door. I'm pretty sure she ran her hardest for 5 straight hours. Cleo only has one speed and it's called go for broke.
When I picked her up her weinerimer friend was getting picked up as well. It's always so nice that there are other sporting breeds there because when all the normal dogs quit playing because their tired she still has hyperactive dogs to run with. So when I got her home she ate, drank and passed out. She is such a happy, spoiled doggie.

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