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Sage Monkey

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If Natasha jumped off a bridge would you??

Cleo is a really good pup. She's sassy and has a tendency to talk back occasionally but all in all she's a phenomenal dog. Some of the best advice we received when we first got her was to make sure she was well socialized with other dogs. Most GSP's by nature get along with everyone but we absolutely made the effort from an early age to let her be with other hounds. Cleo loves her people but she really loves other dogs. Twice a week she goes to daycare and gets lots of socialization time. That's one of the hardest parts of her being in heat is that she doesn't get to go to daycare. I think it almost depresses her. Cleo's saving grace has been Natasha.
Jim and I live outside a small town in Pennsey about an hour or so north of Philadelphia. We reside in a small older development in the middle of farm and cow fields. Each house has between an acre and half and 3 acres of land, nothing huge but it's not crowded. Everyone has a garden, keeps to themselves and in the summertime you can hear gunfire and cows mooing in the distance. It's slightly rural but rather nice actually. People here don't have fences and it's common place for their dogs to walk about. This took allot for me to get used to. Cleo is on an electric fence and never leaves our property. But there is an older, out of shape German Shepard who lives up the street named Natasha and everyday she wanders down the road and comes to visit Cleo. Cleo anxiously awaits her visit everyday. She often sits patiently in the corner of the yard closest to Natasha's house and waits for her arrival. Since Cleo can't go to daycare Natasha's visits seem extra important. Below is a quick clip of the dynamic duo in action.
Take note that the driveway Natasha was wandering down at the end of the clip is not hers. It's her brother and littermate's. She makes her daily rounds before heading home everyday. It's pretty entertaining when the neighborhood kids come across her and walk Natasha home scolding her for wandering off but petting her the entire way and she happily follows them. Natasha has been visiting for months and they both seem to love it and its rather cute to watch. But regardless....I would never let my dog wander the neighborhood. But I would be lying if I said I don't look forward to her visits too.

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