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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cleo is Prepping for the Summer...

My eyes are itchy, my nose is must be close to May. The summer is fast approaching. With the last few days in the mid 80's and bright blue skies it feels like summer has already arrived. All that is missing is the dreadful Pennsylvania humidity. Other than the gorgeous days I've had few additional signs that summer is right around the corner. For starters....I can tell by the condition of my flip flops.

It's only been warm for a couple of weeks but it doesn't take Cleo long to work her magic. I'm sure that this will not be the first pair of flip flops to meet an untimely demise this warm weather season.  In fact, I think we should get a flip flop death pool going. I think she maimed 7 pairs last year? This is a great time for me to point out that she has never touched any of Jim's flip flops. So I know its personal. I will wear the flops pictured above until they can no longer stay on my feet. I realize that the homeless look is not chic but I wear them as long as I can because the next pair will most likely have the same fate. I barely got to take the picture above and she came out of know where like a ninja and descended upon this pair.
My next sign of Summer is Cleo's excitement for the water. In a few weeks we will bust out her doggie pool but for the meantime she has the hose. Cleo loves the hose. I'm not sure what she thinks it is but she sure gets herself in a frenzy for it. She has been doing this since she was a puppy. Not sure the video below does it justice but it gets pretty entertaining and its one of her favorite summer activities.

 There has also been quite a bit of happy frolicking and of course talking back.

She's happy to be outside and I can't wait for barbecues and beach time at Cape May. Although I will spend a fortune on flip flops this year I'm looking forward to the summer.

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