Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doggie Drakkar

Why? Why? WHY??? Do dogs find it necessary to roll on disgusting, smelly dead things? Why? I don't understand it. I'm sure that I could look it up on wikipedia or and receive a perfectly logical answer. But why bother? I guess I don't care enough to be educated on the matter....I just wish my dog would stop rolling on dead stuff. Seriously. Tonight I went for a nice long run. I came back and took Cleo out to some fields by our house for nice stroll. Please note the video below.
It was a wonderful night to be out. So serene and enjoyable. Well seconds later that serenity was marred by Cleo diving onto a heinous carcass and thrashing about. I ran across the field screaming at her to stop. She knows she's not to roll on dead things!

By the time I got to her she had this gloating look of satisfaction on her little doggie face. Like nothing is better than when she is surrounded in a little halo of stench. It's her perfume of choice. I really shouldn't be surprised tho....and I'm not. She throws this card every couple of weeks. This past fall in the same field she disappeared over a hill and when I called her back she arrived to my horror with a deer leg in her mouth. So proud she was. I flipped out and screamed "Drop it" which she immediately complied and then of course rolled on it vigorously until I could reach her and drag her off. What a dog. At least she only rolls on dead things. My Aunt Gail and Uncle Sherman had the sweetest beagle named Baby for years. Sadly, Baby passed a few months ago. But I've heard a story or two of Baby rolling in bear crap at their lake house in Maryland. So I guess I should be thankful Cleo doesn't dabble in poo. But I gotta go give Cleo a bath because her favorite place to sleep is on my pillow.    

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